Being Sick and Getting Your Rhythm Back

I am just getting over being horribly, terribly sick and if that wasn’t annoying enough, it was also poorly timed with our upcoming relocation. Yeah, super annoying. Anyway, I thought I’d share a little on the topic.

First of all, I highly recommend steam and rest when sick. Hot showers, humidifiers, basically anything that transforms your surroundings into a  a tropical jungle will aid in releasing the madness going on within your body. I also strongly recommend rest. I know everyone says rest is important, and they say it because it’s TRUE. Do not try set PRs at the Crossfit gym or continue training for a marathon when you’re sick. GET SOME REST. You’ll be healthy again so much faster than if you try to half-ass this process.

Secondly, continue eating clean—I am THE WORST about this. When I’m sick all I want is mashed potatoes and macaroni and cheese. But ditching your diet also means depleting your body of nutrients at the precise moment it needs them most. Load up on fruits and veggies; you’ll get the most bang for your buck as far as recovery goes. I don’t have a ton of concern over protein when I’m sick, probably because the body is looking to recover, not build when you’re sick.

When it comes to getting your rhythm back, here are my three tips:

1) Take it easy at first. You’re not a rubber band, so don’t expect to bounce back immediately. Instead of jumping back into a HIIT workout, try going for a long walk instead. If you tend to meal prep a week out, try starting with just a few days at first.

2) Pick back up with your easiest life hacks; for me that is boiling batches of eggs, prepping bags of frozen fruit for easy smoothies, and throwing frozen bags of veggies in a sauté pan as breakfast and side dishes.

3) Once you’re healthy again take an afternoon to pamper yourself a little! Get a massage, or a mani/pedi; something that helps you celebrate yourself and life again. Sometimes for me, being super sick can feel traumatic. It feels as though I’m not in control of my life, and I hate that feeling. Taking a little time to pamper yourself can help bring you back to you—so enjoy it!

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