Day 12 + Workouts

Today is Day 12 and I feel like I’m finally starting to find my stride in the Fed and Fit Project! At the beginning of the week I was dragging. I simply wasn’t getting in enough carbohydrates and when PMS came knocking my body just hated me for the carb restriction. I ate sushi for dinner one night and the next day had two small chocolate bars and some potato chips that I’ve been “hiding” from myself in the pantry.  But Cassy’s emphasis on progress over perfection is so empowering. It enabled me to just move on, and get back on with the project! Simple as that. It hasn’t been perfect, it hasn’t been easy, but I am really starting to feel this IS worth it.

KF and I have “tried” whole30 a few times (without any real success) mostly because one of their rules requires starting your thirty days over each and every time you have a noncompliant ingredient—I found that rule to be really self-defeating. I just felt like, what is the fucking point of this?? Yes I get it, I understand the point of eliminating foods as an experiment. But it was so infuriating and defeating to think of starting all over for one of life’s curveballs. Melissa Hartwig says you can always choose what you eat, that no one is stuffing doughnuts down your throat and that is true. But I highly doubt she’s done the kind of field work that I do. Sometimes my job dictates where, what, and how quickly I eat. I don’t have a choice because my very livelihood depends on it. Get a different job? That is easier said than done, I promise. Hence, the excitement for moving to Tallahassee—my assignment up there will finally allow for a healthier lifestyle.

And let me tell you, SO many diets say “we’re really more of a lifestyle than a diet.” I’ve rolled my eyes so many times hearing that. If that were true, then why would they also be recommending calorie restriction and/or weighing and logging your food at every turn?? When you understand and truly embrace “progress over perfection” you are incorporating the project into a lifestyle; it gives your practice longevity. I allowed my PMS to have a moment, and then I kept on eating real, whole foods. And I must say, I seriously loooovvee the daily emails. I swear I’m not getting paid for this; there is no sponsorship here. I just love it. I look forward to her emails; it’s a daily dose of support, positivity, and guidance to keep on.

I’ve been incorporating more starchy carbohydrates (potatoes) and also increased my fruit intake to two servings a day. Both of those tactics have enabled me to feel energized throughout the day.

I’ve also decided that if I eat clean for 19 meals each week, then I am TOTALLY okay with having sushi twice a week. Please don’t try to tell me “just eat sashimi and steamed veggies” because I DON’T WANT TO. I enjoy rice with my sushi; I also enjoy certain rolls wrapped in cucumber. We tend to get at least one roll with shrimp tempura, and I definitely won’t shy away from a delicious, piping hot, bowl of sweet and sour soup. It is a meal that KF and I have come to really enjoy; it’s a shared past time for us and we’ve enjoyed sampling sushi all over the world. Two meals a week enjoying out of scope foods + clean eats the rest of the week = 90% clean eating; such an improvement over where I was before and something I can really sustain for the long term.

I have spent YEARS reading, pinning, and instagramming about healthier lifestyle options. I own about 94036893680386 workout dvds, and I am one of those people who is known for “always being on some kind of fitness/weight loss thing.” I have never felt this good on any other program, and more importantly I’ve never felt the will power to stick to something for even 12 days.

I love feeling fed and (almost) fit. Happy Friday and peace out!

Workouts thus far:

Week 1:

Monday: 21 Day Fix Upper fix Extreme+ ½ of 21 Day Fix Extreme Plyo + 7 minutes of ab work

Wednesday: 21 Day Fix Extreme Lower Fix Extreme

Saturday: 21 Day Fix Extreme Dirty 30

Week 2:

Sunday: Jillian Michaels Kickboxing Dvd

Wednesday: 8 minutes Tabata

Thursday: Gym: hamstring curls, light back squat work, ab press, and 10 minutes of low impact cardio

Friday: 10 minute jog +1 minute sprint +4 minutes of walking


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