Day 5: Sugar and Fat

Today is a Friday, April 7, 2017. Three weeks from today will be my last day in this office. Although I’ve enjoyed parts of my experiences here, I am SOOOO excited to move! I’m moving back to the town I grew up in, and I promise it’s really nothing exciting. But the assignment I’ll have there will allow for a far better balance between work and life. We’ll actually have friends in the same city we live, and we won’t always be required to travel to see people that we love.

It hadn’t occurred to me until just this very minute but—two weeks ago my sister, Jana, moved back to Bangkok, Thailand. She grew up in Bangkok and lived there for the first 19 years of her life. And in three weeks, I will be moving back to the city that I grew up in. It feels a bit surreal. There’s about a million things to check off the list in the next three weeks but I look forward to it with excitement! Change is coming. The future is always ahead.

Anyway, I thought I’d dabble a little today because today is also DAY 5 of the FedandFit Project. As I noted earlier in the week, the first two days were a total flop. But then I received the intro email from my accountability partner on and it really gave me the momentum I needed to change directions. Today is my third day of clean eating and I am going strong! I really haven’t felt tempted by dairy, processed starch, or even desserts.

This weekend KF will be in Tallahassee trying to find us somewhere to live, so it will be on me and only me to stick to The Project. I don’t know what I’m eating yet for dinner but I do know that I have enough food options at home to figure it out!

I’ve made two adjustments to my eating the last few days and I think it has helped curb away the cravings/binge eating/etc.

  • Increasing fat intake—now, please know that I’m not stuffing my face with almonds or using macadamia nuts as a “garnish.” Yesterday I had a pretty active day of work and when I got home I was tired. I wasn’t sleepy, but my body was tired. I knew I was dehydrated so I replenished with water but also had a couple teaspoons of almond butter because I felt my body could use the fat. For some of us (myself included), it can take time to understand what your body needs. I had a great sense of this in college when I had virtually zero stress and all the time in in the world to choose my meals. But I can definitely tell I’ve lost some of that interconnection and it feels really wonderful to be tapping back into it.
  • Cutting back on sugar- I love fruit. I love all kinds of fruit. Even when I’ve gone through periods of eating clean, I’ve still eaten fruit. And there is nothing wrong with eating fruit! But if you want to lose weight, cut fat, and become fat adapted, then you really have to watch your sugar intake. Fruit is the best kind of sugar (aside from any combination of peanut butter and jelly, thank you), but it is still sugar. When consumed, sugar is either burnt off or stored as fat.


I used to make this morning smoothie full of bananas, dates, almond butter, and almond milk. I absolutely loved it. But over time, I knew that it was probably interfering with my ability to cut fat. Additionally, I was still eating one or two additional pieces of fruit each day! So now that I’m on The Project, I’ve been making a similar smoothie but have cut back the sugar back considerably. I’ve also cut out the afternoon portions of fruit, since it was also probably enabling my body to be sugar adapted vs. fat adapted.

I’ve enjoyed listening and learning from my body over the last few days. Excited to see what the future holds!


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