Day 7!

Today is Day 7 and I’m going pretty strong at this point, five days strong. Three of the those days I had a chocolate chip Larabar, which includes unsweetened chocolate chips—out of scope yes, but in the scope of sanity. Since I’ve cut back on the rest of my fruit, I felt justified in my only sugar each day being comprised of half a banana and one larabar.

Saturday I made rice for my pup because he had an upset stomach, so I ended up eating about ½ cup of that. I stayed up late working and had a peanut butter Rx bar around midnight. Not a great call. Rx bars are for the most part within the project, but the peanut butter ones are not because they contain 14 peanuts. Am I sweating it because I ate 14 peanuts? Absolutely not. Should I have avoided having a literal midnight snack? Yeah. I haven’t stayed up that late in ages and really haven’t had an issue with midnight snacking in… years?? For me, the two apparently go hand in hand. This morning I worked out fasted and didn’t eat until lunch around noon. I figured the extra time might help in giving my digestive system a break since I ate so much later than normal. I’m not perfect and neither is my life.

Today I’ve had my typical (reduced and refined) smoothie, and two servings of turkey and roasted brussels sprouts. I also had a couple bites of roasted potatoes from a casserole that I was prepping, and I most certainly devoured the left-on-the –spatula- batter from the sweet potato muffins I made!

We have a lot of packing coming up so it felt great to know I was able to prep tomorrow night’s dinner as well as a week’s worth of muffins. I’ll share more about the muffins in a later post; they are absolutely delish!

I tend to be a creature of habit, and when I’m cooking only for myself I tend to cook up a batch of something and eat it until it is gone; hence three servings of turkey and brussels sprouts. My stomach has been bothering me some today; I’ve heard of others having issues with lots of brussels sprouts. I never did before but I think its time to move on to another vegetable. Good thing I have three bushels of kale in the fridge!

This week we’ll be having buffalo chicken casserole, sausage, potato, and kale soup, and then cooking out of the freezer toward the end of the week! We have SO much food in our freezer and only three weeks left in this city house, not to mention this city! Speaking of, we found a house! One year lease; if we decide to stay in Tallahassee we’ll definitely be buying property. But it was really stressing me out, the idea of not actually having a place to live—stress relieved now! We have somewhere to put our stuff, lie our heads, and rest at night. Everything is starting to line up!

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