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So yeah, I really love to travel. But in the beginning, I wasn’t very good at it. I always over packed for vacations and returned with items untouched. It took time for me to truly understand the process; to pinpoint the needs of my travels and to execute with efficiency without eliminating comfort. Of course different climates and cultures call for different gear, but the items I’m going to share with you in this post have joined me all over the world!

Eagle Creek Pack it Specter– I purchased this toiletry bag before KF and I went to Japan. Initially when it arrived I was concerned; I thought it was way too small. And yes, it is on the smaller side. But this thing is surprisingly spacious. I’ve now had this bag for almost three years and it goes with me on every single trip; the overnight, the weekend road trip, and the month long journeys abroad. I keep it stocked at all times with all my basic necessities and of course, there are a few items that have to be thrown in as well because there’s no need to have extra Lush moisturizers laying around not being used 🙂 There are of course a few items that won’t fit in here, like a curling wand or a two toothed comb (for those of us with really tangly hair) but it holds most of what I need. It’s dependable, reliable, and my top go to for travel products.



Eagle creek Specter Cube Set– For any trip lasting more than  a few days, I always use packing cubes. For years I didn’t understand why anyone would spend money on cubes. This was of course, until I actually used them! I can’t tell you how messy my suitcase used to become by the end of a trip. But mess, no more! Not with packing cubes. Everything stays compartmentalized and it makes packing a breeze. I wouldn’t consider going on a week long trip (or longer) without these now.

Lululemon scarf– I have a love/hate relationship with Lululemon. As in, I love their products but I hate their prices. It’s pretty rare for me to bite the bullet and pay full price of Lulu (I’ve been known to frequent the “we made too much” page) but this scarf was one of those occasions. They have made this scarf in so many colors but there are two things I love about this scarf: 1) design and 2) comfort. This scarf has buttons that attach or detach the scarf so  it can be worn several ways! Want a blanket scarf today and an infinity scarf tomorrow? It’s possible with this one scarf! It is also SUPER soft and comfortable so I take it on every.single.plane. Seriously.

Bose SoundLink (on ear)- This first time I  put these headphones on I thought pillows sent from heaven had landed on my ears. These headphones are amazing. They are the perfect size for travel, come with a wonderfully designed case, and the color can’t be beat. These aren’t your budget headphones but they are certainly worth every penny! Plus, the look is so fresh.

If you’re thinking “but I’m really looking for the right suitcase, backpack, travel jacket, etc.”– not to worry! Plenty more travel posts will come! Thanks for reading today stay tuned for future posts.


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