Hello folks!

We are two sisters, Jenny and Jana, and we currently live on two different continents! We live, we eat, we travel, and we sweat; these are the four pillars that enable us to really tackle everything life brings us, and we are here to share with you all of our experiences along the way.

A little more from Jenny: Hey friends! I currently reside in Florida. I enjoy Paleo cooking, Netflix bingeing, and traveling whenever my job (and wallet) allows. I prioritize weekly workouts and clean eating for a healthier lifestyle. I have struggled with my weight and eating for many years and I’m on a mission to rectify my relationship with food and body image. My partner Kyle (also known here on this blog as KF) and I enjoy embracing cultures abroad and hiking on any mountain range available; from Mt. Fuji to the Swiss Alps.

A little about Jana: Hey there! I currently reside in Thailand and I’ve traveled quite extensively; having traveled extensively throughout Europe and Asia, I love offering my experiences on traveling and finding the best restaurants around the world. I love to cook with  my family and I enjoy swimming for optimal health and wellness.


Stayed tuned for the best global eats, travel tips, and life hacks for staying clean and fit!



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