Day 3: It’s never too late!

Today is Day 3 of the FedandFit Project… The first two days went up in flames. And not cool flames like on Kevin Hart’s standup routines, more like, burnt to a crisp with nothing left to restore- flames. Both days started with in scope breakfast, in scope lunch, and then… out of scope afternoon snacks and definitely out of scope dinners. On Monday night KF (kissey face, aka my boyfriend) had a migraine and so instead of cooking I picked up sushi from Publix, we ate in bed, and then got a lot of sleep. Although he wasn’t feeling well, there wasn’t a reason for ME to be eating out of scope foods or not getting anything done… But he said it comforted him and made him feel a little better. And what can I say, I really do love my man and I also love sleep. So, Monday ended in a crash. Tuesday, once again, started with in scope breakfast and lunch… and then for some reason after lunch, I WANTED SUGAR. I had three pieces of chocolate, but no, that wasn’t enough. Then I had two packs of fruit snacks from the snack bar in our office. Uhhh. So annoying. Got home late from work; went home tired from all the sugar and a lack of water, and then ate leftover pizza for dinner. Crash AND burn, folks.

But today I received an email from my accountability partner in The Project. She’s a wife and mom of two, and has actually lived through really serious health issues. So then I wanted to smack myself in the face. Here I am complaining because I wanted fruit snacks and indulged on fruit snacks, and this woman is looking to effect real change from real problems. So it whipped my ass a little. I completed the 21dfx Upper Fix Extreme and about 15 minutes of the Plyo fix extreme. Fixed in scope breakfast and lunch of some random food we had in the fridge. I have already decided that I’m cooking one of our Sunbasket meals tonight. As long as I get off at a reasonable time today, I’m going to squeeze in about 20-30 minutes of cardio, followed by cooking a fresh, Paleo dinner. AND THEN continue on with the rest of the evening instead of melting into my incredibly comfortable couch. Because oh that’s right, I am moving in T-24 days and I don’t know where I’m going to live yet! And yes, it is stressful! I tend to panic about things like this.

My point is, a little intro email from an accountability partner that you’ve never met can be just the motivation you need to turn the car around and start heading in the right direction. After two unsuccessful days I was starting to feel like the whole thing was going to be a failure. Like perhaps I had just thrown away more $$ on this goal of losing weight and becoming healthier, without the real determination to make it happen. An email from a total stranger was just what I needed to remind me it’s never too late to effect change. That little email gave me exactly what I needed to start this day off right, with the REAL intention and REAL motivation to push through. Have I wanted out of scope foods already today? Duh. But instead I just keep drinking water.  Even though it was a small gesture, I feel my perspective has taken a real shift. Feeling pretty great about things now!

Oh, and if you’ve read this whole post and you’re wondering what the FedandFit project IS, then let me give you some background:

Cassy Joy Garcia is the creator of FedandFit and she teamed up with Juli Bauer Roth of Paleomg to create the FedandFit project. The project is a 28 day project/guide that aims to focus on improvement of overall health, including sleep, hydration, nutrition, and fitness. The project outlines ideal goals/guidelines for each pillar of the program, and includes great worksheets, videos, and a community to achieve better health. The nutrition, in a nutshell, consists of a strict Paleo diet. The fitness program was designed by Juli and includes short but effective workouts consisting of mostly bodyweight movements. I haven’t tried any of Juli’s workouts yet but I’m sure I will because I’m always looking for variety in my fitness routine!


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