Milestones for Years to Come + Happy Thanksgiving!

As we approach the holidays, I can’t but think of how this year just FLEW BY. I turned thirty years old, which in some ways is still kind of surprising. At twenty, I lacked all foresight concerning my future. I couldn’t plan a month ahead, let alone years. I really had no idea what path I would take or how. Sometimes I feel as though I’ve wasted time/ haven’t achieved the goals and milestones I see for my path, and then other times I feel proud for what I’ve accomplished thus far. As we approach the end of 2017, I decided for the first time ever to write a bucket list; one for the next ten years and one for my life as a whole. I’m sure this will grow and evolve over time but I felt it was important to take note of it now:

Before 40:

  • Have children (foster the kind of love I learned from my parents and was unable to understand until I became an adult)
  • Learn a foreign language
  • Be healthy, fit, and happy with my body
  • Volunteer for social projects that resonate with my values
  • Travel to Peru, Patagonia, Iceland, Italy, Austria, Arizona, China, and Egypt

Before I die (not to be morbid):

  • Own a home and make it completely my own
  • Travel to every continent
  • Live in another country

So there it is! Little (and not so little) snipits that I hope to include on this path.

Tomorrow is thanksgiving and I am SO PUMPED to cook tons of dishes tomorrow. Here’s what we have on the list: butternut squash souffle, mashed potatoes, gluten free sausage and cornbread stuffing, gluten free pumpkin biscuits, and a roasted veggie (haven’t decided on green beans or brussels sprouts!). We’re also having a “friendsgiving” over the weekend where I’ll be bringing mashed potatoes (I’m a little nutty about potatoes if you didn’t know),Β  a roasted veggie, and something with cranberries because I bought fresh cranberries on a whim. I’m thinking a gluten free apple and cranberry cobbler?? Keep you posted!

If the dishes turn out well I’ll share recipes between now and Christmas for holiday parties you may be hosting this season!

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you. Let us be thankful, let us rejoice, and enjoy a bit of wine with those who matter most to us.



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