Moving Pt. 1

YOU GUYS—I am moving to Tallahassee in TWO days!! I didn’t win the lottery, I didn’t get some great promotion or huge raise. I’m working basically the same job as I am now, but in a much better work environment. We’re moving back to a familiar city, with family, friends, and creature comforts. Tallahassee isn’t a super special city; it’s certainly lacking in terms of hip culture or exciting attractions but I am honestly SO PUMPED to be moving there!!!! Some really awesome aspects of life will change. We are basically socially starved down here in senior citizen/snow bird land. The demands of my work down here are CRAY CRAY. But in Tallahassee we’ll have a real sense of normalcy, an ability to create routines, share experiences… It’s going to be oh so lovely!

Anyway, we have basically become packing machines. It’s been a huge pain (is it ever fun??), but I’ve really been paying attention to our process and I have some tips for any of you looking to move soon:

Before moving:

  1. Make plans. Write out real deliverables and keep a schedule. Seriously, writing out real lists will help you stay on top of everything. Communicate the deliverables/schedules, etc with your partner, roommate, and family! And I know, you may think “I can keep track of it In my head” but as you get closer to moving, more “random” stuff will pop up and start cluttering that pretty brain space. Staying on top of everything will help SO MUCH, because regardless if you want it to or not, the deadline will come. You’ll feel a million times better for grueling it out and staying on top of everything as you went, rather than being bombarded with a mountain of to-dos 72 hours out.
  2. As you pack, don’t just decide to chuck something because you haven’t used it in awhile—give it away! Donate it to a local charity or better yet—give it to your coworkers! Now of course I don’t mean bring your coworkers your garbage—no need to pass around junk. But if you do you have a set of cake pans you never use? Do you know of a coworker who would really love to have them? Think of these people! For example, I had this AWESOME collapsible two tier cupcake tray. Used it ONE time three years ago. Do I still want it? No. Should I throw it away? Also, no. So I gave it to one of the mothers I work with; moms are a go to for stuff like that. Giving your coworkers the nice-but-irrelevant-items of your life is sweet; they’re basically like parting gifts and will leave your coworkers remembering you fondly!
  3. Ladies (and gents), get your hair done with your trusted stylist! Make sure to call your stylist at least a few weeks before you leave and schedule your appointment the week you are moving. If you’re thinking, “I’ll be too crazy busy for that” then think again—because as you were first drafting your deliverables, this was already on the books. During the week of moving, it gives you a couple hours to focus back on yourself. You’ll walk out of there feeling and looking awesome, ready to tackle on the rest of your move. And furthermore, you’ll be able to relocate to your new city without looking haggard or running around worrying about when you’re going to get your hair done. You’ll have time to familiarize with the area and ask around before choosing a new stylist.
  4. Last but not least, give yourself some slack- I don’t mean in terms of packing or those must meet deliverables, but in terms of LIFE slipping away a little bit in this process. Do you normally work out 5x a week? Well don’t freak out if you only get 2 workouts in. Do you normally eat 100% squeaky clean? Well be prepared to grab takeout as you pack up your kitchen. These are reasonable adjustments and they’re only temporary; realizing it’s just temporary will help as your routine shuts down for a week or two.
    Also, just because you’re moving doesn’t mean you have to eat like crap. Remember there are always easy options for healthier takeout (including but not limited to): Chipotle, Pollo Tropical, Whole foods, Trader Joe’s and Zoe’s kitchen are some of my favorites.

I’ll be sure to follow up after the move! Till next time folks!


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