My First Stab at Paleo Baking!

So a little backstory on how I became Paleoish:

In 2011/2012, I started hearing about Paleo and thought it sounded absolutely crazy. When someone told me all the things you couldn’t eat on the Paleo diet, I thought then what can you eat?? At the time it sounded both absurd and impossible. In truth, you can actually eat a whole lot on Paleo. I’ve learned that much, at least.  

In 2013, I lived with a truly delightful friend. She was mostly Paleo, super into CrossFit, and a really positive influence on me for nutrition and fitness. However, she really didn’t cook. I never understood how she was able to lift so much weight while doing so little in the kitchen. Anyway, I had been cooking for about four years at that point (late bloomer in the kitchen, what can I say) and I started shifting my focus into Paleo cooking because I enjoy being described as “the best roommate ever.” The first Paleo blog I ever found and really cared for was by Juli Bauer. For a few years I followed her blog off and on, and for the last year or so I’ve been following her religiously. She’s such an inspiration, has impeccable style, and the woman can seriously cook! I’ve made many of her recipes in the past but I’ve never really taken on Paleo baking before.

KF and I were invited to an intimate dinner party, held this past weekend. When I asked what I should bring, the host asked for something deliciously sweet. The host’s husband is a fan of venturing in the Paleo world so I thought this would be the perfect opportunity for me to take my first stab at Paleo baking. I took out my trusted Juli Bauer’s cookbook and found the vanilla cupcakes and both recipes for buttercream frosting (vanilla buttercream and chocolate buttercream).

Also you should know that [in my opinion] baking is a lot harder than regular cooking because the recipe has a direct and significant impact on the outcome of your product. Baking is real chemistry, and I’m lucky I didn’t fail chemistry in school. This shit is real science. And if you’re good at following directions then you’d more than likely make an excellent baker. I on the other hand, am terrible at following directions. I haven’t brought a recipe to this blog yet simply because I [almost] never measure anything out. It is all intuition and I only have a handful of recipes that I can make over and over again with consistent results.

Anyway, I pulled up my big girl pants, took out my awesome magnetic measuring spoons, and decided to make this happen!

The only thing that went off base was that I used coconut sugar instead of maple sugar simply because I couldn’t find maple sugar. I mixed, I baked, and here’s what I ended up with:

So, pretty right? Keeping in mind that I’m far from a professional baker or food photographer. The frosting was tasty and so simple to make! The cupcakes themselves were… a little crumbly. I think that may have been because of the coconut sugar though. The cupcakes overall were fine. To be totally honest, I wasn’t pleased with them enough to want to make them again though. I’ve never had a Paleo baked good that I thought was as tasty was the commercial [read: toxic, etc] version. Maybe because all that sugar and gluten is chemically designed to create sugar addictions that in turn, keep you hooked as a consumer? I’m hoping that as I continue on this journey, the less refined and less sweet treats will simply become be more desirable. I mean, I used to think I could never live without rice and now I typically only eat rice once a week; sushi, people, because without sushi, what is life?

Anyway, it was an excellent first step into Paleo baking! Thanks Juli! *No I don’t actually know her in person; I’m just a huge fan. 

Once again, thanks for reading!



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