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[I realize it has been a hot minute since our last post on the blog and I want to apologize for that. Sometimes life just gets in the way of creating new content! I took some photos of my favorite skincare products but didn’t care for how any of the photos came out… Working on photography skills is on the list, promise. So instead this post is paired with a picture of my silly face; I figured the “natural” part was fitting because I don’t wear makeup. ]

So today I would like to share with you some of my favorite products in  pursuit of “natural beauty.” But I think in order to explain my current position on the topic, we need a little background first.

In college (circa 2010) was when I really started learning and caring about issues surrounding food, health, and exercise. Prior to that I exercised, but I didn’t eat vegetables and I really didn’t care where my food came from. It was all because of a class I took called “Food and Environment” that taught us about how effed up our food system really is. We learned about the principle of farm to fork and the class concluded with the summation and presentation of a commodity chain analysis on a food product of our choice; I chose honey. Anyway, it’s been seven years since then and as I’ve grown and progressed down my own path; safe and natural skin/body care being on the tail end of that process. For years I would buy organic groceries, spend hours researching the superfoods and oils, but I paid little concern to how I was feeding the largest organ in my body: my skin! In fact, I was spending my hard earned dollars on the “top” skincare– proprietary blends laden with chemicals and no promise of safe skincare. In truth, none of those products really made any difference on my skin. Such a waste of money. I’m certainly still learning, and some of my favorite products aren’t the safest, but it’s a work in progress. Right now I’m hanging in the balance between safe and effective skincare. Below are my favorite products for face and body:


Favorite Face products:

  • Lush Full of Grace (serum bar)– a moisturizing serum is a must in my toolkit, and this serum bar was a recent addition to my collection despite having used Lush products for years. I was really quite skeptical of a solid serum bar, but I’m SO glad I gave this one a shot. It is moisturizing, smoothing, and the smallest bit really goes a long way!
  • Lush Celestial Moisturizer- I have really sensitive skin—it dries out easily but the uber moisturizing products make my skin breakout. Enter: celestial moisturizer. It is light enough to be worn during the day, but still moisturizing enough for a night cream. My skin never dries out if I’m using this moisturizer on the regular.
  • Lush Fresh Farmacy (cleansing bar)– Initially I used their Aqua Marina (clay face wash) to wash my face. But I can be really lazy in the evening and was looking for a bar of similar makeup that I could use with ease. This bar is ultra-calming and lathers well too. It’s a little pricey in the context of “bar soap” but it has replaced my need for facewash altogether, so in the end it’s a bargain.
  • Lush Eau Roma Water (toner)– I tend to use this after a workout, when my face is piping hot, dripping in sweat, and just generally gross-tastic. I also spray it at night sometimes right before applying the serum bar, and it helps to use less of the serum bar and smooth into the skin.
  • Indie Lee Calendula Eye balm– this eye balm was recommended by a dear friend of mine, and it is the only eye cream I have ever used that I think actually makes a difference. Seriously, the only one. With regular use, I’ve see it diminish the lines under my eyes. Sometimes I use it above my eyes for a little extra sheen/sparkle.

Favorite Body Products:

  • Primally Pure Deodorant– Safe deodorant has been my last endeavor in the safer skincare field; I really resisted trying safer ones out because I sweat a lot. 1) I drink plenty of water and 2) I work-out regularly, so I was definitely concerned about smell. But after all three of my favorite bloggers started promoting Primally Pure, I figured I would give it a shot. Let me tell you, THIS. STUFF. WORKS. Wow, it even lasts through a full day of work AND my sweat camp in the evening. Their regular deodorant did NOT work well with my skin, as I quickly broke out into a rash. But I gave it another try with the sensitive deodorant and now I’m smelling of lavender and have eliminated all the aluminum and whatever other crap commercial grade deodorant is filling into our armpits. Hip hip hooray! I’m so into them now that I plan to purchase their mini sizes so I have one ready for my gym bag and travel bag!
  • Primally Pure Anything Spray– This spray is intended to be a basic coverall for skincare. It has magnesium oil (bonus) but also smells of kombucha (no bonus). I really don’t find the smell desirable in the least. But ever since I started back with my workouts (and since I’ve always had really thick thighs) I started having ingrown hairs on my inner thigh. And they hurt! It’s painful. I really didn’t know what to do about it, and when I read that this spray would help I gave it a try. TRUE, LEGIT ADVERTISING FOLKS. All those buggers have gone away, and now I’m living with happy thighs once again. This one is a keeper for me, despite the smell.

And that’s it! There will definitely be more to come on all my favorite things from hair products to sweet treats. If you’re curious about anything in particular just leave a comment below!

I hope this post brings you and your skin glowing results.

With love,


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