San Francisco: Best Eats!

Okay, so just state the obvious, San Francisco is a cool city. Like, seriously freaking cool. There’s a ton that I love about the Bay area, but today we’re going to focus on what matters most! Food, duh.

There are SO many great options in the entire Bay area but here are my top three favorite restaurants in the city:

  • Izakaya Sozai (1500 Irving St, San Francisco, CA 94122)– I love, love, love ramen. It is seriously one of my favorite dishes to eat. I have devoured large bowls of ramen all over the world, and Izakaya Sozai is one of my favorite ramen shops. This place is tiny, and the wait can be long, but not to worry! There’s a bar just a block away, so you can put your name on the waitlist, walk down and have a drink, and receive a text when your table is ready. Albeit, the bar is a bit of a dive but any bar will do when you need a drink to warm you up from those chilly SF evenings.
  • Hong Kong Lounge (5322 Geary St, San Francisco, CA 94121)— This is a legit dim sum restaurant. The restaurant is decked out in gold framed chairs and white tablecloths. The staff may or may not speak a whole lot of English, so this might not be the best option for the dim sum novice. But if you know what you want, or if you’re at least willing to explore and experiment, then this is your spot. I took my boyfriend, his brother, and sister in law here as a “thank you for hosting us” dinner. None of them were versed in dim sum but they were open to all eats, so I was able to order all my favorite dishes and share everything in the “family style” fashion. If you’re looking for a good start, here are some of my favorite dishes: shrimp pan fried noodles, pork shu mei, shrimp dumplings, pan fried pork and vegetable dumplings, shrimp rice paste, radish cake, and salty calamari.
  • Hog Island Oyster Company (1 Ferry Building, 11A, San Francisco, CA 94111)— If you’re looking for a damn good bowl of clam chowder, go to the Hog Island Oyster Company! Or of course, if you’re looking for oysters, mussels, or basically any delicious food really, go to Hog Island. The food is so tasty. The clam chowder isn’t your typical chowder; this isn’t a thick and gooey clam chowder. The clams are still in the shell and the broth is thin and deliciously infused with bacon. Their chowder pairs perfectly with their (grass fed!) grilled cheese sandwich!

This is the clam chowder you’ll find at Hog Island– I mean seriously people, it is amazing. Heavy in the dairy but when the food is this tasty, you simply won’t care!

If you’re looking for Paleo specific or gluten free restaurants, I highly recommend visiting Diane Sanfilippo’s website. She lives in SF and has offered a lot about paleo friendly restaurants in SF. No I don’t know her personally, I’m just a big fan and the girl knows her stuff.

In the weeks to come I’ll write more about SF, including my favorite sights to see and things to do! Stayed tuned. Thanks for reading!


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