What to Pack: Three Countries in Three Weeks

Hey friends!

I honestly can’t believe it but the time has finally come— I’m headed to Thailand! TWO SISTERS ONE CONTINENT! It will be so awesome. My parents are arrived a week before me and we have loads of family adventures planned (Thai beaches, floating markets, Vietnam, Cambodia, and more!). I’ve been on a handful of pretty intensive trips (requiring a lot of changes in location, activities, climate, etc) and each time I come home having learned more about how to pack for trips. Each one is different obviously, but some lessons stay true no matter where you go. Here are some of the lessons I’ve learned:

1) Pack efficiently– unless you’re a fashion blogger, you do NOT need two outfits per day each day, despite how tempting it may be. I usually start with two to three pairs of pants and choose tops that can be paired with each pair of pants, that way getting dressed is a breeze. Versatility is key here. Since it’s quite warm in Thailand I’ve also packed a few pairs of shorts. After I’ve chosen shirts and pants, then I usually choose three dresses and a skirt. I don’t wear skirts often but for Thailand I was set on bringing a stretchy pencil skirt. They are perfect for travel because they have the length to comfortably bend over in, the style to match so many tops, and the versatility to be dressed up or down depending on the shoes! Wins all around.

2) Pack breathable textiles that layer well– I can’t stand traveling in clothes that don’t breathe well. Even if you’re not going to a warmer climate, chances are you’ll have some level of activity and it feels 848383x better to sweat in cotton than crap fabric.

3) β€ŽComplete your packing 24 hours before you leave— on so many occasions I’ve been super stressed before leaving the country. There’s always a million things that need to be done and there’s never enough time. Packing late into the night when you’re leaving early the next day only worsens that. If you plan ahead and COMPLETE your packing a full day before you leave, you’ll save yourself a mountain of stress. Trust me on this one. It will give you the day to remember any last minute items you may have forgotten, and it will free up the time to complete the tasks needed before departure.

4) Get a blow out (and ideally your nails done too)-Β I’m pretty sure every woman can agree that your hair ALWAYS looks and feels better leaving the salon than your own bathroom. A good blowout will last several days with minor up keep, so you’ll feel your best with little effort. It takes a bit of time but pampering yourself before your trip will lower the stress around a departure and get you feeling vacay vibes even sooner.

Basically as soon as I arrive to Bangkok we’ll be leaving for a weekend getaway on the beach. So naturally, I chose to pack (and check) a carry on bag for the beach in addition to a full size suitcase for the majority of the trip. We also have other some trips planned so I’ll be pulling items from my full size and storing luggage whenever we leave Bangkok.

Here’s what I packed:
Two pairs of long pants
Three pairs of shorts (two denim, one Columbia)
Twelve tops
Three dresses
One skirt
Four pairs of shoes: flip flops, strappy sandals, merrells, and non-athletic sneakers.

I usually try to limit the number of shoes I bring but this time, I just went for it! I had the room in my luggage and since I won’t have to lug all my crap around the whole time (like when I backpacked through Japan) the extra weight doesn’t really matter. Of course I also included under garments, two bathing suits, and gifts for my family! If you’re curious about specific products I travel with like packing cubes and headphones, check out my post on travel gear here.

My flight to Seoul (layover) is boarding right now so it’s probably time I wrap this up! Stayed tuned forΒ  future posts detailing our activities, family fun, and dishes upon dishes of tasty food!
Catch you on the flipside!


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